French Butter Keeper

One of the items I make is a specialty butter keeper I call a French Butter Keeper. "French" because that was the name I first heard in association with this style of butter keeper, not because it is for French butter. Any butter will do. Sometimes they are simply called "butter crocks."

I hope you have seen one of these because they are just too difficult to describe. You really need to see one to fully understand. It will have to suffice to say that they keep your butter fresh for a long time without refrigeration. Your butter stays fresh, soft and spreadable. If this seems like something you need, please see me at one of my shows and I will demonstrate the "French Butter Keeper."

For those of you who need a copy of the instructions, here it is:

Your New French Butter Keeper

Although it may seem like a new idea, this butter keeper is just the latest edition of an ancient idea. It allows you to keep your butter soft and fresh for a long time.


Cut up a stick of butter and pack it into the lid of your butter keeper. Pack it in tight. Fill the bottom piece about half way with water. Plain tap water will do, it needn't be cold. Now turn the lid over and set it down into the water. The water and butter will not mix, and the water will keep the air from getting to the butter, allowing you to leave your butter out unrefrigerated. "How long?" That depends on how warm your kitchen is, how often you use the butter and other factors, but it will allow you to keep you butter unrefrigerated much longer than if you simply left it out on the counter. Changing the water every so often is a good idea.

When you want some butter simply lift up the lid, turn it over and there it is - soft, fresh, and spreadable. The lid of your new butter keeper is decorated with a band of color so that you can use it for serving.

I strive for beauty and usefulness in my work. Your new butter keeper comes with a rubber pad on the bottom to protect your counter. This part should not be washed in a dishwasher; the rubber pad will come off. The lid can be safely washed in a dishwasher. I mix my own glazes so I can assure you they are lead free.

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