Dip Coolers

One of my more unusual and useful items is a "Dip Cooler." This is a small bowl set on top of a larger bowl. The top bowl holds your favorite perishable dip (or a dip that simply tastes better chilled) and the bottom bowl is filled with ice (crushed ice works best). The result is fresh chilled dip, and you don't have to worry about it going bad. It's a fairly simple concept, but in case you need the instructions here they are:


Your New Dip Cooler

This wonderful Dip Cooler will help you keep you perishable dips fresh and tasty much longer than a regular dip dish.

Simply fill the bottom bowl part way with crushed ice or ice cubes. Then spoon some of your favorite dip into the top bowl and set that bowl on the bottom bowl. Simplicity itself!

Now enjoy your party, secure in the knowledge that your dip will stay fresh for an extended period of time. If your party is a long one, put your hand against the bottom bowl every now and then to make sure that it is still cool. Add ice if needed.

The top bowl can be washed in a dishwasher but the bottom bowl must be carefully (and quickly!) washed to avoid damage to the protective felt padding on the bottom. I mix my own glazes so I can assure you they are lead free.


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